hidden drummer gem on a bike

When you say the bicycle drummer  carries his drum kit on his bike it doesn’t sound that interesting, but when you see him turn his bike into a drum kit that stops you in your track…..

The drums are called Puncture Kitdesigned by David Osborne in 2008, an avid cyclist who bought his single speed bike when he first arrived in the UK. So how did this all come about you ask? With his bike turned upside down, fixing a puncture in London’s Green Park one day…the idea just came…drums are going on that.

Since then, David has dedicated himself to the on-going study of drumming and percussion and the challenge of developing his drumming only solo performances and recordings. He is mainly self taught through studying many drummers and musicians. He has also studied with world class drummer Benny Greb where he learnt invaluable techniques, musicianship and Benny’s unique rythmic principles.

Please enjoy the original sounds of David’s little – Puncture Kit. And hopefully he turns up on a street corner near you very soon.

You find the bicylce drummer’s next performances here.

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